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About contents

Through BringMotion you can license and download different content types:

  1. Footage in high definition
  2. Images in high definition
  3. Video templates for Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects
  4. Design templates for Photoshop (PSD)
  5. Vectors (EPS)

By buying a license you can download the content in the formats you selected.

The contents available through BringMotion are directed to professionals. BringMotion assumes that you know how to use the contents and adapt them to your needs.

Note that behind every content there is an idea, an ejecution, and sometimes a cost of production.

Models and Private properties

The contents with standard and extended licenses meet the legal requirements for commercial purposes. For example, when a content requires authorization of models or/and private properties, BringMotion demands to the author thirds releases consistent with our licenses.

In this way, you can use this contents on your projects securely.

Footage in high definition

We have available high-definition video (HD and Full-HD) in 16:9 (cinema). The videos you can find in our catalog are encoded with the h264 codec and have been taken with professional cameras or created from a computer.

These contents are perfectly suitable for integration in marketing or editorial projects.

Do you need specific footage? Let us know

Images in high definition

We have images in PNG and TIF 16bit per channel. The images are provided in sRGB color space and at 300dpi (dots per inch) or its equivalent in dots per centimeter. If you need to print the images you need to save them as CMYK color space.

For production and undemanding applications such as the web or small print recommend you the PNG format.

For the most demanding productions recommend 16bit TIF format, ie the raw image.

Do you need specific images? Let us know

Templates for videos

We have editable media projects for Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects that will allow you to create professional videos quickly. Note that these templates require some basic knowledge on your part for customization.

These templates are designed to use with your own content, your texts, videos, images and music. You can edit and adapt them to your needs using appropriate software (see page of each template), you can adjust the parameters of the composition, move and edit layers, cameras, lights, and so...

Templates for Apple Motion 5 can also be used from Final Cut Pro X by saving them from Motion as "generator". However, Motion offers greater capacity for personalization of these templates.

Do you need to adapt these templates to your project and dont know how? Let us know

Design templates

If all you need is a design, we have interesting designs for Photoshop, the industry standard software in graphic design.

You can customize these designs with your content and produce new versions of the design simply by adjusting the elements and changing their properties. The idea is to start from an already-created design and you custom it with your content.

Also, you can combine different designs templates to create your final design. Simply copy the elements you consider from a template and paste them into another.

Do you need to adapt these templates to your project and dont know how? Let us know


If you need vectors to extend to infinity, we have available vectors in EPS format. You can open these vectors with programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Do you need specific vectors? Let us know

What do you need?

If what you are looking for is not in our catalog and you need multiple contents, we can produce them for you.

Write us to and tell us what you need.