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Frequently Asked Questions

What we offer to you?

We offer to you quality audiovisual content created from verified authors to integrate in your projects. Through a simple user interface you can find the contents that fits to your needs and download them by buying licenses.

We offer a time and cost saving

What makes us different?

We differ from the rest in many ways:

  1. We only work with verified authors. This means that we check the author's identity before being admitted to our platform.
  2. We only work with creative authors that have shown us that they are able to create really valuable contents for our clients.
  3. We sign a legal contract with each author. In this contract he grants us that he's the original author of the content that he publish on BringMotion and that he has all the legal rights over the content, and that the content non infringes the applicable laws, the Copyrights, Trademarks rights, Property rights, people involved rights in the contents or the Industrial or Intellectual rights.
  4. We only accept quality, professional contents in high definition.
  5. We minutely review each content before publish it on BringMotion to check that it has the right quality and commercial interest.
  6. In the case of footage and photographs, we only accept it in high definition and created with professional equipments.
  7. We take seriously the Copyrights and Intellectual Property. If a content requires third parties authorizations, as a general rule, we request them to the author before being put it on sale in our platform.
  8. We give you a license and a invoice after ordering. In this license appears your rights over the content you have purchased.

Who created the content?

The content you can find at was created by authors associated with us.

Which licenses can I buy?

You can buy: Standard LicienseExtended LicenseEditorial License.

Go to license comparision.

Who issues the licenses?

BringMotion is whom issues the licenses.

What is editorial purposes?

It is one whose purpose is to inform. Content distributed under a license for editorial use may reflect, among others, events, happenings, topics or issues in the world today. People and objects may appear in any Content distributed under purely editorial use without releases, use this content for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Can I use the content for my client's project?

You can buy licenses on behalf of your client. He will have to authorize you to purchase the contents on behalf of him and you can place the order with your account through this website. Also, our licenses allow third parties (you, your company or other companies) to adapt the contents. Review the licenses for more information.

How can I order?

Ordering on Bringmotion, you is very simple. Just:

1. Click on the content type that you are looking for (footage, video template, image, vector or design template)

2. Locate the content from our catalog, search form or through the explore menu.

3. Selecte the license type you need and, if it was the case, the licensed size.

4. Click in "Add to Cart" button

5. Click in "Go to my cart" and review the order

6. Click in "Order now"

7. Sign in with your account or create an account

8. Complete the payment and wait 1 minute for order confirmation.

Once you completed the payment, you can download the selected content, the licenses purchased and the order invoice.

Any disccounts here?

Yes. Once in a while we send exclusive disccount coupons to our newsletter subscribers.

Still not subscribed? Subscribe now.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay through Paypal, the most known tpv. This tpv grants you security in your transactions. At the moment of paying, you will be redirected to a secure encrypted page (https) where you can complete the payment.

You can use your credit card too.

What happens after order confirmation?

Once you complete the payment of an order, few things will happen:

1. You will receive an email confirmation

2. You can download the invoice in PDF

3. You can download the licenses you purchased for each content

4. You will have access to the content files that you choosed in the selected formats.

How can I download a file that I have licensed?

To download the licensed files you will need to do the next:

1. Access to your private zone at with your email and password (sign in button)

2. Go to "my orders"

3. Click on the order

4. Scroll down to cart content and click in the download button near each content

How many times can I download a content I have licensed?

You can download your licensed foñes up to 3 times in the next 7 days from the purchase date.

Where is my order history?

You can access to your order history by accessing to your private zone with your email and password. Once logged in you will see a menu at the left where you can view these records.

Can I ask for a refund?

All sales are final. Please, review our refund policy for more information.

I can use the contents multiple times in multiple projects?

No limitations in digital media. In print media the Standard License has a 5000 print reproductions limitation, if you need to print some content more than 5000 times you need to buy the Extended License (select it before add to cart).

What can I do if I have a problem with an order?

Please, contact us.