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How it works

At the time you need to use digital contents in your projects you find with the contents copyrights. Every content has copyright, which is owned by the author.

BringMotion is an agency that provides you legal digital contents for using for commercial and editorial purposes. We manage the content rights and we issue licenses of this contents that will allow you to use these contents in your projects in a secure way.

Through this website you can find different types of contents, Motion and Final Cut Pro templates, After Effects templates, footage, images, vectors and photoshop templates.

Every available content on this website has been reviewed by BringMotion to grant that it meets with our legal and quality requirements.

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Each license we issue is issued to a unique company or person, in a non-exclusive way, which means and the same content can be licensed by multiple companies and people.

Before you buy a content license be sure to check the license comparision to see if it fits your needs.

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You can license contents on behalf of your client. At the moment of completing an order you will be prompted for the data of the licenses recipient that are in your shopping cart.