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BringMotion provides you or your company 3 types of licenses: Standard, Extended and Editorial.

Licenses comparision

 Standard License
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Extended License
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Editorial License 
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Commercial purposes      

Uses on television and/or radio

Editorial purposes      
International scope      
Digital reproductions unlimited unlimited unlimited
Print reproductions up to 5000 unlimited unlimited

Integration in a product that produces money incomes


Number of persons that can process the content

up to 3 up to 10 up 10

What is a License?

A license is a document which grants you the right to use a content under some terms and conditions.

How is a license?

Our licenses are legal documents which we issue. They are PDF documents in which appears the WORK/ITEM data, the issuer data (our company), the data of the buyer/recipient and the terms and conditions of the license.

Download license example

How can I select the type of license that I need?

When you have located the content you want to use, you will find a menu that will allow you to select the license type that you want to buy. Select the type of license and add it to your shopping cart.

My customer has a project and want to use a content available at BringMotion, who should buy the license?

The most common is that your customer is who buy the license of the contents for his own company. However,  you can buy licenses on behalf of your customer, this is common in agencies and we're aware of it.

Buying licenses on behalf of your customer is very simple, at the time of complete the order and before payment, you can write your customer's data. Also, the licenses allow that your company, for example, process the contents in order to adapt them.

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